Art Rental Terms & Conditions

Art Rental Terms & Conditions

Product Images

The colour of our product images on this website may vary between 90% to 95% colour accuracy as compared to its original product.

We do our best to display a product image of good quality and as close to the original product as possible. As much as we wish to achieve a 100% colour accuracy for our products (for example a painting), it will be determined by the type of screen and colour resolution setting of individual’s computer or laptop.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Our Products are available for rental to working adults 21 years old and above or Corporate Companies in Singapore.
  1. The minimum rental period is 6 months and thereafter a minimum of 3 months for 1st renewal, followed by 2nd or final renewal of another 3 months.
  1. The maximum loan period per product is ONE year.
  1. Users are to pay a refundable deposit equivalent to 50% of the value price of the Product upon confirming the order.
  1. After 6 months of rental, users will be entitled to either a $50 Product voucher or 20% special discount for purchasing the rented product(s), whichever is higher.
  1. Payment of rental fees should be by credit card or other payment method approved by our Company.
  1. First time users are entitled to 1 Product rental per transaction and a delivery charge of $30. Users have the option to collect the Product using their own transport.
  1. Repeated users may rent a maximum of 3 Products per transaction at our sole discretion, taking into account the user’s good rental records. A delivery charge of $30 is applicable or user can collect Product using their own transport.
  1. We will deliver the Products user has requested within 30 days of your order or earlier if Product is available. If the product is unavailable, we will put you on the waiting list or offer another product for rent if user is agreeable.
  1. A refund of the Rental Fee will apply if we fail to deliver the product according to the specific date confirmed by us.
  1. All Products will be checked and confirmed in good condition by the user upon delivery.
  1. Any last minute cancellation of art rental service without giving prior notice, the deposit will be forfeited.
  1. The user needs to give 5 working days’ advanced written notice for any cancellation of the art rental service and stating the reason .The refunded amount will be transacted within 14 working days counting from the receipt of notification from the User (for local transaction).
  1. The user is liable and will bear the charges for any damage, loss or theft of the Product including the glass and frame.
  1. In the event of loss or theft or any damage to the product that is irreversible, the deposit will be forfeited.
  1. For minor damages that is possible to repair, the user will bear the cost of the repair and a delivery charge of $50. Our Company will handle the repair with proof of receipt. The cost of repair and delivery charge will be deducted from the deposit. Should there be any balance amount, it will be refunded.
  1. The user shall not alter the rented Product in any way. All rights reserved. No part of the rented product may be reproduced, or transmitted in any form or by any means, digital, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without our Company’s prior permission.
  1. The user’s deposit will be forfeited for any alterations or reproduction of the rented Products.



‘The Product’ or ‘Products’ refers to the artwork to be rented. ‘The User’ or ‘Users’ refer to the client who rents our artwork. ‘Our Company’ refers to Dove Doodle Pte Ltd’.