About Us

About DoveDoodle

Dove Doodle is a social enterprise set up in April 2013. We believe everyone is abled differently. With the right opportunity and support, it is possible to strive and be the best we can be.


Our core social business is to help promote and sell paintings of artists with a disability.

The other wing of our business is to promote the appreciation of visual arts in the community. We organise art exhibitions, participate in bazaars and art events and conduct art workshops to reach out to a wider community.

We create employment for artists with a disability by engaging them to conduct art workshop for our corporate clients. Corporate companies are also demonstrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) by engaging our services and to support our social cause.



Everyone is abled differently. Let’s focus on ability.



We celebrate diversities among individuals with artistic inclinations and abilities, particularly artists with a disability. We hope to build a prosocial community that practice inclusiveness and embrace social integration through a capability perspective.



To build a prosocial community that focus on the abilities of people with a disability.

To create employment for artists with a disability and redefine social integration through capability development.

To help more people be in touch with visual arts and enhance their aesthetic sense through art participation. By growing the population of art lovers, we are eventually increasing the population of art buyers to support the artists, particularly, the artists with a disability.