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Founder’s Desk

Just wondering how many of you could still recall a 2004 American movie titled ‘Shall We Dance?‘ It featured an overworked estate lawyer (starring Richard Gere), who decided to sign up for ballroom dancing lessons despite being senior in age and with a less agile physique compared to someone younger. Taught by an attractive and charming ballroom dance instructress (starring Jennifer Lopez), he finally managed to overcome all obstacles to learn the dance steps well and started dancing with his wife to rekindle their romance. Singer Susan Boyle is another example of someone who rose to fame by singing “I Dreamed a Dream” for the Britain’s Got Talent’s contest at age 47.

The setting up of Dove Doodle Pte Ltd was no mere coincidence. Art has always been my childhood passion but I was unable to pursue further due to pragmatic reasons. It’s not easy to make a living through art in our society where Language, Science and Mathematics are the core disciplines in school. There is a need to have a balanced education to develop a well-rounded person. I believe it’s never too late to pursue one’s interest as long as one is passionate and determine to persevere towards one’s goal.

We live in an internet world where social media plays an influential role in our lives. Visual arts have become very much a part of us and not just for the visual artists. Colours, patterns and shapes appear everywhere on computer screens, television ads, the packaging of products and even on the iconic architecture around us. We are exposed to them so often that they have penetrated into our subconscious mind and have become second nature to us. We basically know what to do when we see that ‘green man’ flickering at the pedestrian crossing or when the traffic light turns red at the traffic junction. It’s amazing that in the absence of speech, colours and patterns can communicate to us in such a unique way.

On an ending note, Dove Doodle Pte Ltd hopes to use visual arts in various forms and in the best possible way to educate and benefit people from all walks of life, especially those who are born with a disability but have shown an inclination towards art. They are extraordinary and gifted in their own way. Let’s give our support to celebrate the abilities and talents among individuals in our community through art!

Cover Photo for New Year Video 2017