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Jaxton Su Jing Xiang


10 x 10 cm

Title Series / Year

Fragile (2010)


Framed Oil on Canvas

Jaxton Su 苏敬翔

Jaxton is a visual artist based in Singapore. He attained a BFA in Visual Communications from NTU and is trained in using various design software, he is capable of taking up all kinds of project, both print and digital. He specializes in oil painting and enjoys creating surreal artworks with an impressionistic touch. Having developed a deep passion for fine art since childhood, Jaxton draws most of his inspirations from nature and his own imagination.

His art portrays bizarre dreamlike worlds and injects a little of his own inner fantasies, desires and experiences to bring across a message and tell a story. He often plays around with his painting compositions and incorporate strange elements and daily objects to invite viewers to ponder over their hidden meanings. He hopes to create a visual utopia that transcends reality and results in a psychological impact in the audience, such as sparking an imagination or encouraging them to think about a particular issue through his art.

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Item Description


Fragile is still life painting about life’s fragility due to its unpredictability.