Return Policy

Return Policy

We are committed to quality products and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

This return policy is ONLY applicable for product(s) listed on this website.

Upon the day of delivery, we request you inspect the product(s) thoroughly and ensure is received correctly and in good order. Should you find the product(s) to be defective, damaged or not according to your order, you may reject and return on the spot.

We will either replace the product(s) within 5 working days (depending on stock availability) or give you a full refund. Transport delivery charges will not be refunded.

Refunded amount will be transacted within 7 working days from the date of return of the product (for local purchase).

You are allowed a one-time replacement. If a similar product is unavailable, (e.g. if it is an original painting), you may choose to replace with a different product(s) of the exact price or higher and top up the difference in price if it is applicable.

There will be no transport charges for replacement items.


IMPORTANT: Things to note for buyers

Product Images

The colour of our product images on this website may vary between 90% to 95% colour accuracy as compared to its original product.

We do our best to display a product image of good quality and as close to the original product as possible. As much as we wish to achieve a 100% colour accuracy for our products (for example a painting), it will be determined by the type of screen and colour resolution setting of individual’s computer or laptop.


Non-refundable Items

For some items or services that are marked as ‘non-refundable’, for example delivery charges or items with an expiry date unless is faulty, there will be no refund.

However, you may give us your feedback or write in to appeal within 3 days of receipt if you have any issue regarding your purchase.

It will be resolved on a case by case basis. Should there be a valid reason given, we may allow a replacement of the product but not a full refund.

We will not entertain any appeal after the 3 day receipt period.

Our Company’s decision shall be final.